Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Took A Little Range Trip Yesterday... the dreaded outdoor range at Smith Park in AR. It was nice if only because no one else was there shooting and thus was not dreadful as when the local arsehats with absolutely no range etiquette or clue about range safety show up. Of course, it was also nice because I was shooting. I shot up a couple hundred rounds of 32 Auto in an Ortgies pistol and a Zastava Model 70, shot hundreds of rounds of 9mm through my Glock 19 Gen5 and simply had a blast. It was a well needed break from the drudgery of life under the Biden administration.

Cannot wait until I get my next chance to visit there and shoot up a bunch more of my ammo reserves. Need to be ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse 😱😨!

Enough said.

All the best,
Glenn B

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taminator013 said...

Getting to light off some rounds is always good. Most of my trips lately I haven't gotten to do that. Been teaching two former, female coworkers to shoot handguns, so I spend all that range time watching them. This past Monday was a little different. They are to the point now where they need minimal supervision and I finally got a chance to try out my recently acquired .32 ACP Beretta 81. I was pleasantly surprised how accurate that little sweetie was, but a bit perturbed that it would occasionally fail to fully chamber some rounds. Turns out that it wasn't the gun. It was the reloads. The cast bullets that I was using cause a tiny bit of bulge in some brands of brass. I just needed to make a slight adjustment to the taper crimp to fix it. Now it's time to head back to the range. Will also be heading to the FFL next Saturday. Both girls finally settled on their favorite guns. One likes the .380 ACP Bersa Thunder and the other wants my EAA Windicator in .357 magnum. That works out really well since both of those were purchased for the cute chicks to train with and I have no great urge to keep either one....