Saturday, June 22, 2019

You Can't Take It With You...

...or should I say I can't take them with me! I gave away two of my beloved tortoises today and also gave away two last or earlier this week. The two I gave away then were Russian Tortoises which I have had for about 5 years; then went to a good guy Gideon H. I liked them a lot and will miss them but know Gideon will take excellent care of them over the long haul. Of the two I gave away today, one was a Redfoot Tortoise and the other a Hermann's Tortoise. The Redfoot I got from a good friend Harry F. a couple or few years ago, the Hermann's was hatched here in my house, the offspring of a female Hermann's I have had for possibly 15 to 2o years now and the sire was one of her first offspring or in other words both the stepbrother and father of the little guy I gave away today. That one given away today was two years and some months old. I had had an unrelated male that I had been breeding to the female but he disappeared out of my backyard maybe 5 or 6 years years ago, either stolen or wound up as racoon or hawk food and the older male I have now was the offspring of the original male and female I had. The ones I gave away today went to Harry F; he too I am certain will take excellent care of them.

I am left with only three tortoises of the seven I had as of late and I have a bit of grief over that. The remaining are my female Hermann's, my older male Hermann's ad my older Redfoot that I recall I got via an Internet dealer back in 2008. Thus I have had it for 11 years now (how time flies even relative to a tortoise's life). You may not think so but you do become attached to tortoises somewhat. I never named mine, always a disappointment to those who ask me what are their names, but I have become somewhat bonded to them. While not nearly as responsive as a dog they are highly responsive to their keepers as far as it goes for reptiles. Hopefully they will like their new home wherever we wind up.

All the best,
Glenn B

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