Sunday, February 4, 2018

Another Such A Deal - 22WMR Ammo

When is the last time you saw 40 grain 22WMR ammunition selling for as low as $8.99 per box of 50? It had to be awhile back. Anyway, much to my happiness, prices have fallen dramatically to that level just recently at an online ammo dealer I use frequently. In fact, it is offered at the even lower price of $7.99 per box by at least one other dealer as per AmmoSeek.

I am ordering at the substantially higher price of a dollar more per box for a couple of reasons: I am giving my dealer some well deserved loyalty because of: their speed of shipping, their willingness to send ammo to NY State, their always getting my order right, the excellent availability of ammo they have at most times and their overall very decent to excellent pricing. I am also going with my usual dealer because the other dealer did not have in stock the 7x57mm Mauser ammo I also wanted to add to the same order. In addition, that other dealer, who has that much lower price, told me a while back that they refuse to ship to NY even though their website seemed (and still seems) to indicate they will ship to NY - go figure.

Anyway, regardless of where you shop for ammo, now is the time to stock up on 22 magnum ammunition if you need it because prices have not been his low in a long time.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Bob Tamewitz said...

That's a really good price. Fortunately I'm already well stocked. I got a super deal quite a few years back on boxes of 500 loose for $65. Needless to say I have more than a few thousand solid and HP in the ammo cans. If I did need it I would go for the $8.99 today in a NY minute................