Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It Galls Me To The Point Of Wanting To Go Out And...

...become an avenger of sorts. No I am not about to do it. You nor anyone else will not find me stealthily prowling the streets of NYC looking for a thug to blow away but I have to say that the assassination of NYPD Police Officer Miosotis Familia (more here) has given me more pause to think about doing some Paul Kersey kind of things. I am not saying that lightly either, it is no joke, there is an urge within me to go out and hunt down dirtbag criminals and just pull out a piece and start shooting because it has become way, way, way too much. The killing innocent citizens, including the targeting of police officers, has just gotten that rampant in our society that something urgent and extreme must be done to combat it. Again though, I must say, it is only an urge and not one to which I will succumb since am in essence a law abiding citizen but man oh man do I feel it in my gut.

So, to say that I am happy that the gunman was shot down and killed like a rabid dog would be a gross understatement. The way it turned out, there is no need for incarceration while awaiting trial at taxpayer expense, no need for a defense attorney at taxpayer expense, no need to go through all the criminal court proceedings at taxpayer expense, no need for appeals lasting years all at taxpayer expense,  no need for long term incarceration and all that comes with it like three square meals a day and maybe also a sex change operation should he decide to change his gender at tax payer expense. No need for the taxpayer to pay a penny for that piece of shit criminal.

Of course, along those same lines, I am quite dismayed that a passerby, apparently an innocent bystander, was wounded in the shootout between NYPD officers and the assassin of PO Familia. I am hopeful it was not due to a bullet fired by an officer but the odds are probably pointing at making the case simply because so many more of them were firing.

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Officer Familia including the three children she left behind. She and they are in my thoughts and prayers. As you pray for the family of PO Familia, do not forget to pray for the bystander who was also wounded.

All the best,
Glenn B

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riverrider said...

they should calculate the cost of his incarceration and give that much to the family, i'm sure it would be in the millions. doesn't make up for the loss, but those kids deserve a leg up and have enough grief to last a lifetime.