Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Isn't It About Time That All 50 States...

...require food stamp and welfare recipients to find legitimate private sector employment, otherwise work for the state on public works projects, or do some sort of valid and verifiable community service. After reading this article, that claims food stamp rolls have declined drastically in states that have required such, I am convinced it would work everywhere. Of course, librturds and other leftists will oppose such and I am certain that politicians of the Democrat ilk will oppose it too if only because  at least some of their once worthless constituents will possibly realize working is better for a living that gouging the system and that the right had it right all along.

All the best,


B said...

Hell, just drug test 'em before benefits.

Glenn B said...

While drug testing would be a good idea too, drug testing does nothing to force them to work. I would like to see them work for what they get just like I did throughout my career.