Saturday, February 4, 2017

Winchester Serialization Made Easier

There I was tonight, and still am, going over the catalogued offerings for the upcoming Hessney Rod & Gun auction of next weekend. They include the serial number of each gun listed in the auction catalogue. That comes in handy as the value and characteristics of some firearms can vary tremendously depending on which year the gun was manufactured. I looked up a few Winchester rifles on which I am considering placing bids and found one site with a large list of models and their serial numbers along with dates of manufacture that correspond to the serial numbers. That was the "Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s", a PDF file. Yet, that was somewhat of a pain to go through and also was incomplete. For instance, they did not list a Winchester Model 75 Target. So, I searched some more.
I found the website of the Winchester Arms Collectors Association or at least one of their web pages. It was just the one I needed, the When Was Your Winchester Made page. On that page you can input the model Winchester you are checking, then enter its serial number and up pops the date of manufacture. That was easy. Now I cannot speak to its validity nor to its reliability but can say that if you are a Winchester enthusiast, collector or just are checking on the date of manufacture of a single Winchester you own - it may be worth trying this site but I must point out that I do not think they, like the PDF, have info for all models as I could not find the model 9422 on that page. Between both of them though, I was able to find the year of manufacture for the four Winchesters I checked.

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