Saturday, February 4, 2017

Presidential Authority To Suspend Entry Of Aliens

Why is it that - after many, many, many presidents (both Democrat and Republican) having done so legally, under the authority granted to them by the Immigration & Nationality Act, (INA) to bar aliens from entering the United States whom they have found to be detrimental to our interests - all of a sudden certain judges totally disregard that law and have found that Donald Trump is somehow in violation of the Constitution for doing exactly the same as other presidents have done before him? The only thing I can think of is that the judges are leftists and are trying to impose their leftist leaning on the rest of America for what I suspect are their purely political agendas or maybe also to garner their own 15 minutes of fame.
If you do not believe me that such is and has been legal authority of the president, for a very long time, then go to this link and read about it there:
If you do not believe that, then look up the INA itself and read it therein.
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Glenn B

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B said...

Appointed by Bush, believe it or not.

But he has become an activist, and has been less and lessa judge lately.

He should be removed