Saturday, February 4, 2017

An Experiment In Painting

I took up a brush today to dabble in the arts (so to speak) and began painting my basement floor. Since I have a decent amount of furniture, a refrigerator, shelving and other old and in the way (enjoy that) junk down there, I decided to do only a small portion at a time. There was another reason as well; I was none too sure the floor will hold the paint very well. Just got done with a small strip about 3 to 4 feet wide and across the room, maybe 15 feet. I can see already that it will definitely need a second coat but it seems to have adhered well so far so I hope a second coat will do as well. In about 4 hours or so, I will lay on a second one.

If that looks good once dried, then I will move the fridge an desk back in place atop that section tomorrow or tonight and move enough of the things around down there to commence on the remainder of what will then amount to getting half of the floor covered. If that half comes out okay, then it will have to be decided if I do the remaining half of the room or put down linoleum on the other half. I figure I will paint that too but not sure yet. Whether or not I paint it all or put down half paint and half linoleum, I am going to put down some area rugs;. No more carpeting for us in the basement since our male Chihuahua loves to spritz to mark his territory and I and tired of trying to clean the carpet by renting a carpet cleaner at Homer's Terminal. I want something I can roll up, bring outside to my patio and spray down with a hose to clean. Thus the area rugs idea.

Now it is pretty much a waiting for the paint to dry kind of a thing and listening to the rest of the Old And In The Way album that I linked to above.

Later 4 U,

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