Friday, January 20, 2017

Would It Be Too Much To Ask That The Alleged Child Taping Mom,...

...if convicted of any crimes involving child abuse, not only permanently will loose custody of her son and get a stiff jail sentence but also that she will be surgically altered so she can never again give birth to another child for her to victimize. Of course you can bet that will not happen even though it may well be a good idea for her and for any parent who does likewise to their children. What will happen is she probably: will be assigned an attorney at tax-payer expense, the attorney will plead she is a troubled teenager (she is reportedly 18 years old and an adult under the law), mental health experts will testi-lie on her behalf at tax payer expense, she will be receive counseling at tax payer expense, she may (not probably) be put into jail (and that will be at tax payer expense), if she is jailed her child will be cared for at tax payer expense, she will retain her breeding functionality and my bet is she will produce more children who will sooner or later be cared for at tax payer expense and whom she may very well violate in the same manner as the child she allegedly taped to the wall and sooner or later she will regain custody of the child she taped to the wall. Our justice system is a bunch of bullshit as it basically protects the accused more than it does the victims and it perpetrates more crime (just look at recidivism rates for any crime). If she is found guilty, surgically removing her ovaries would at least assure she could never birth another victim - is that really too much to ask!

More about her alleged crime here.

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Glenn B

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