Monday, December 5, 2016

Next Best thing If Not Moving To Canada

Well, if she promised to move to Canada, if Donald Trump won the election, and then did not move ( and I don't know that she did or did not make that promise), Joy Behar is what probably amounts to the next best thing. She is calling it quits as host of The View (source). Oh how overjoyed daytime television watchers must be, at least those with half a brain and who can think for themselves.  I wonder though if there will be tears, angst and gnashing of teeth in Lefturbia (aka: Leftistan) tonight upon the libs hearing that news.

Truthfully,  I don't know her from a hole in the wall, as the saying goes, except for what I have heard on the news now and again and from little I saw of her on that show and heard in discussions but let me say that was enough. I maybe watched about an hour or two total of The View over the course of several different airings over the years (mostly in waiting rooms). I always found it grossly distasteful and idiotic for the brief amount of time I watched it. She and her associates on the show seemed akin to Bill Maher, just a few more lame comedians imagining and self appointing themselves as experts on politics, social matters, national defense and affairs, international affairs and whatever else they chose to discuss. That is if you could actually call their rants discussions. The truth be told, they mostly seemed like a bunch of useless twits to me. Good riddance is what I think.

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Glenn B


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