Monday, December 5, 2016

Black Furniture Ouch

My advice - never stay in a hotel that has black or very dark furniture. Stayed at a pretty nice hotel in Binghamton, NY Saturday night, this weekend. Nice place, with corteous staff and all but they had black furniture. The problem with that was the corner if the bed frame, a pretty sharp corner at that, stuck out at least a few inches  to several more than the corner of the mattress. So, when I got up in the middle of the night to use the facilities, I easily saw the mattress by the night light but did not see the corner of the very heavy wood bed frame and slammed the side of my knee into it hard.

It is not much to look at but man does it hurt. The knee and leg hurt good deal when I did it and even more yesterday such as when I was walking on it to my stand while hunting yesterday. I pretty much just plopped down in one spot and sat there. Even left my stand a half hour earlier than expected, to have enough time to hobble out of the woods so I could leave by my planned departure time. Last night, after the 3.5 hour drive home the knee was stiff as a board and swollen some too. Hurt like hell to get up on it and walk. The scrape is not bad but the bone/joint was very painful and there is a small bump at one point that still hurts like hell if I touch it or when going up and down the stairs or just walking too much. I must have bruised the bone. Just got a call to work today and had to decline because it still hurts that badly.

Oh well, next time I will stay somewhere with normal beds, where the easily seen white outline of the white mattress and white blankets (yes they were all white and easy to see as opposed to the bed frame/stand) mattress marks the outer limit, or very close to it, of the bed.

All the best,
Glenn B

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