Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Voters Look Like

Actually, I think that is quite off he mark. The angry people, those who want to fight the establishment, are voting for Trump too and in much greater numbers than for Cruz. Let's face it, they are pissed off and want to do something about current politics and they are not sheeple by a longshot.
I much prefer Cruz , his politics are closer to mine than any other candidate in the running right now. As far his policies with which I do not agree go, I probably can tolerate them. That said, I must also say that I am beginning to believe that Cruz does not stand even as much of a chance as Kasich of winning the nomination and that is disappointing. Of course Kasich can only get in by the same old underhandedness with which we have become familiar on the part of Republicans in recent years. I know one thing, if Kasich gets the nod from the RNC, I will never vote for a Republican again.
I also know one other thing, if Trump actually gets the nomination you had best think hard deciding not to vote because he is the candidate as many say they will do. Not voting for him because you do not agree with him on some of the issues would only allow that piece of leftist white trash, Hillary Clinton, to destroy America. If there is only one thing I believe about Trump - and that I think you can believe too - it is that he truly wants to make America great again and because of that it will not be politics as usual if and when he gets in.
A hat tip to Sarah C who had that pic posted on her FB page.
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