Sunday, November 1, 2015

Never Expected To Pay...

...over $400 for two concert tickets but just shelled it out (by way of plastic) a few minutes ago. Brendan and I are going to see Black Sabbath - The End at the Jones Beach Theater in August 2016. (Hell, I never thought I would have to buy tickets that far in advance for anything either.)

I was the first of my friends to ever get a Black Sabbath album (their first one and a few more after that) and have to say I have liked them (with Ozzy in the group), and Ozzy on his own, ever since. While I am not a groupie nor even an avid fan of the group, I have to point out that I think their first album is the best all time album to which I have ever had the pleasure of listening.

I saw them in concert many, many years ago, I think at MSG, and so, I debated seeing them there again this coming February. Since MSG is quite anti-gun and I don't want to travel into NYC unarmed - all I could say about that was fuck giving MSG a dime. So I decided on seeing them at the Jones Beach Theater in August 2016 regardless of their firearms policy (which I am pretty sure is that it's a no gun zone because it is in a state park). I picked there and then since it is much closer to home despite chancing a rainout or that one of them will drop dead by then causing a cancellation. Of course, I could be out of the picture by then too - who knows!

Anyway, that's the venue and time frame for which I bought tickets. Maybe I should have bought a third ticket for resale to try and recoup some of the expense for the other two. Have to think about that a bit but quickly before they are sold out.

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