Sunday, November 1, 2015

If No One Else Was Impressed...

...I have to say that I impressed myself while shooting my Remington R1 (1911) at 100 yards when at the bloggershoot in West By God Virginia recently. What really made me happy was that I was not using a rest and thus was shooting off-hand and hit the target as many times as I did. You cannot see it very well in this video but the target consisted of two adjoining steel plates one above the other; they were just to the shooter's right of the two paper targets that appear on the left. In all, both combined were about the same size but maybe somewhat smaller than one of those paper targets.

My shooting was not perfect but I am still pretty happy with how I shot. If you want to know how many times I hit the target, with one mag full of seven rounds, watch the video. While Brendan only started filming after the first few shots, I fired off seven shots in all. I found hard to believe that I could even see well enough to have done that well, let alone not shaking too much at my advanced age ;>) to have gotten that many hits. Shot another mag before that to get my bearings so to speak, hit a decent number of times that first mag-full too.

I was even more impressed with Brendan's shooting. I have a video of him taking six shots (some of the mags were new and it was hard to load all seven rounds in them) at the same steel target from 100 yards. He hit with 4 out of 6 shots. Considering he hardly ever gets to shoot a pistol, so far this was only his third chance this year and never at more than 30 yards, him getting 4 solid hits at 100 yards was purdy darned deserving of praise from his dad - that being from me. He got it!

Gotta love it - keeping an American tradition, our rights and liberties alive by passing them on from father to son. I am proud of my boy. Yes, he is a young man but still always will remain my boy to me; if you are a parent you know what I mean. Anyway, he understands it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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