Tuesday, July 7, 2015

While on The Subject Of My Targets...

...I suppose I should post a photo of another target at which not only would I have sworn I took only three shots but am absolutely certain at which I fired only three times. See anything a bit unusual about it?

At first, even though I was virtually certain I had fired only three times, I thought maybe I had screwed up and fired four shots at it but then I realized I only had put three rounds on the bench before loading. Then I thought maybe one of the bullets was faulty and partitioned and made two holes but I figure that to be pretty far fetched. As I was cleaning up, it suddenly dawned on me that something else may have happened. A man and who I am assuming was his young daughter were on the point next to me to my left. They were firing a 22 rifle. my guess is it was one of their shots; although, I suppose I'll never know for sure. For all I know maybe I fired it but as I said, I would have sworn, and still would swear, I only fired three rounds at that target. Then again, that is a group of the Federal Value Pack ammo that I was firing consistently to the right like that, so perhaps I should not be trying to blame a kid who may well shoot better than me.

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