Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Images Of My Targets From Yesterday...

...showing how I did with my first shots from my Savage Axis in 308WIN and my Polish WZ-48 in 22LR.
As I described in my previous post about my range trip, I was shooting sets of two shots with the Axis. I know it is usual to fire sets of three shots when sighting in a rifle but I figured if I was not getting any really errant flyers, why bother wasting a third shot. Doing it this way, I was able to zero in pretty quickly and I saved seven rounds I would otherwise have fired. With ammo at its current prices, I am okay with that.

Note there was a flyer on the fourth set, the one that hit dead center.

The fifth and sixth sets were getting there.

Since the last two sets were so close, I adjusted the scope a bit more,
flipped a target over and aimed at what I thought was dead center.
I prefer shooting at the blank side because I have not met a prey
animal or dirtbag yet that was wearing a bullseye to shoot and in
fact the two shots were pretty much dead center in the bullseye.
All in all, despite the horrendous trigger on the Savage Axis, I am happy with the accuracy that can be achieved even if I was only shooting at 30 yards. Sooner or later I will fire it at 50 yards and then sight it in for 100 or maybe even 200 yards.
As for the Polish WZ-48, I fired several groups of three shots at it (22 ammo being much cheaper than 308, I did not mind firing three each set). I fired it at 25 yards throughout after the first three shots at 50 feet. I only had a couple of brands of ammo with me and each of those made a difference in the accuracy department. I fired Remington Target 22LR standard velocity and Federal Value Pack High Velocity copper washed ammo from the WZ-48.

This target was typical of several I shot while firing three round
sets of the Remington Target Standard velocity 22LR ammo.

This target was typical of several I shot while firing three round
sets of the Federal Value Pack High Velocity 22LR ammo.
Nothing special on those targets that I'd write home to mom about (unless I was a kid again back in summer camp and then I be darned proud) but it certainly shows the WZ-48 is more than good enough for a plinker or squirrel slayer. Perhaps I should fire a lot more brands and types of 22LR through it to see how well it does; I imagine if one took the time to match it with an ammo it really likes and then threw a scope on it, it would be balls on accurate out to at least 50 yards if not to 75. Too bad it is not a repeater fed by a box magazine or even a tube, this single shot stuff can be tedious but even then it was fun. by the way, I suppose I should mention, there was zero (as in absolutely none) felt recoil with this 22 rifle.
All in all, I would recommend both of these guns, based for now only on my preliminary shoot of each of them, as good decent guns for the shooter on a tight budget. Putting it another way, they certainly are not excellent by any means but are none too shabby either. More, at least on the Axis, after I test it at more distant ranges.
All the best,
Glenn B

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