Sunday, June 21, 2015


...has arrived today with it being the summer solstice (and thus the longest day of the year as far as the amount of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere goes). Tomorrow the days start to get shorter although those hot, hazy and humid days of July and August can seem like they are taking forever if you are enjoying them while lazing under a willow with a fishing pole in one  hand and a cold drink in the other. Wish I was there right now instead of at home in my basement keying this into my laptop.

Then again, why bother going fishing when my son supposedly is going to grill up some bacon wrapped bratwursts for me later today. I don't mean that packaged crap either, these ere made at a German butcher shop locally. German style sausage wrapped with bacon - mmmmmmm good - the thought of them has me salivating.

It's time to listen to my favorite summertime song:

Now that I have enjoyed that, I'm going to do some garden work, then clean up and then chomp down on some of those bratwursts while washing em down with a cold one. Sounds like a plan and like both an excellent start to the summer and a great Fathers' Day to me!

All the best,
Glenn B

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