Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Have Seller's Remorse Already...

...and I only just posted my for sale listing for my New England Firearms Pardner 12 gauge shotgun (model SB1) on within the last half hour. Why is it that almost every time I sell a gun, I get a case of before the sale seller's remorse - even in instances of when I am trying to make up for buyer's remorse. If you don't know what I mean by buyer's remorse, you must have more money than me and aren't taking food out of the mouths of your family members by buying guns with the grocery money. So, yes, it is usually caused by me buying a gun or guns that I definitely, positively, absolutely could not afford at the time of purchase (like the two I bought at auction yesterday) because I needed the money elsewhere. Trying to overcome buyer's remorse is why I am selling this particular gun, I want to be able to get rid of the guilty feeling of not having had enough money to have bought them by actually selling something so that it winds up I almost will have had enough, after the fact, to have made the purchase - do you get it! So why the heck do I have seller's remorse, I should be happy to have offered it up for sale so I don't have to feel guilty any longer about buying the two new guns.

There is truly no logical reason for me to be suffering from seller's remorse, especially since I have not sold it yet, whether or not I am trying to wipe out buyer's remorse. I mean, it is a NEF Pardner that I'm selling, it's not like it is one of the premiere guns in my collection. It is a bargain basement, inexpensive, single shot shotgun that I think I have shot a total of two times and that my son has used maybe three or four times. It has been taking up room in the gun locker. So why this glum feeling in the pit of my bowels and why the weight of the world on my shoulders? Well, I suppose there is the fact that it does have nice color on the case hardened receiver and it was made in the USA and it is the only shotgun I own that chambers 3" shells but those couldn't possibly be enough to have me suffering seller's remorse - could they! Damn, I have gone tough this every time I have sold a gun in the past 15 years or so, this seller's remorse before the actual sale, let alone after a sale. In reality all this seller's remorse has been pestering me much longer than that if you consider real seller's remorse I have suffered for years on end after an actual sale has been completed.

Oh well, I suppose I can live with it since I will have two new guns coming in. At least if I sell it, and also sell the Remington 513T Matchmaster bolt that I put up for sale last night, I'll have enough to cover about 40% of what I owe for the two guns that I bought yesterday and my debt and thus my buyer's remorse should be almost halved. One more gun for sale and maybe I can wipe all of it out - the it being both the debt and the buyer's remorse that came with the debt. While you might think that a sure cure for seller's remorse, I can say that without any doubt at all, I will regret selling this gun and suffer at least some seller's remorse over the next couple to few years because of it. Damn, its a gun seller's equivalent of PTSD.

All the best,
Glenn B

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