Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let's See How Much Black Lives Matter To Reverand Al Now...

...that it was a black police officer who allegedly was gunned down and killed by a back prisoner (source). Will the almighty Reverand Al be out there with his entire entourage giving speeches, hugging black politicians, marching and protesting? Will there be mobs running amok through the streets? Will there be looting, riots, arson and people being injured or killed because a black man was gunned down by another black? There may be a little bit of feedback from Sharpton, whom I believe is little more than a racist asshole, to make it look as if he is impartial but you can bet there will be nothing like the protests in NY, Baltimore or Fergusson. Why not? Because in truth, as I see it, it's not black lives that matter to they who acted like that after those other black men died; it's the almighty dollar and how much they can make of them by making all they can make of their race baiting agendas.

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