Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some Brooklyn Brewery Brews

Being Brooklyn born (at Evangelical Deaconess Medical Something or other) how could I not try a case of mixed brews from the Brooklyn Brewery. I kind of figured they would suck and I was kind of, sort of, somewhat right but I have to say I was also more wrong than right. I loved two of the four offerings in the case and one was passable; it was just one of the four that sucked. The case consisted of a six pack each (all 12 ounce bottles) of Brooklyn Brown Ale, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Pilsner and Brooklyn East IPA.

I tried a Brown Ale first. It, in my opinion, sucked. It was, without a doubt in my mind, one of the worst brown ales I have ever imbibed. Nuff said, nod, nod, wink, wink, know what I mean but if you want, go ahead and waste spend your money on it (bearing in mind that was my opinion of this swill brew and yours may differ).

Then I tried a Brooklyn Lager. It was pretty decent. Nothing special mind you, as far as I was concerned, but good enough so that I surely would drink it again without hesitation. I am not about to tell you it had a nutty flavor, enhanced by dingle berries, with a hint of apple-wood smoke or anything like those wine wussies tell you (and I like wine to but drink it because it taste good and gets me high and not because of fantasy bullshit illusionary flavors) but it was decent.

After the lager, I went next to the Brooklyn Pilsner and I was pleasantly surprised. It is not, the best pilsner I have ever tried, which has been and remains Pilsner Urquell (and I visited Pilsen in the Czech Republic just to try some of it there, it was wonderful there, on tap, just as it is here in bottles) but it is one heck of a good pilsner.

The last was best, the Brooklyn East IPA. If you have ever tried an IPA (as available in the USA) and thought it too strong tasting, why not try one of these. It is 6.9% alcohol by volume brew. Not as strong as some other IPAs but none too shabby in that regard. So, if you like IPAs, this is not too weak either. It was a pretty good IPA is all I will say, except for saying I liked it.

All are worth giving a try. I got mine at Costco and I suppose that the price there was much better than I would have gotten at a local distributor.

While writing this post and getting the links for the beers and the brewery, I found out that Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours on the weekends. I have already put the makings of a visit there in motion and expect I will soon be visiting it with my son and two brothers-in-law.

Finally, I'll note, I enjoyed the very last Brooklyn East IPA as I wrote this, it was delicious and hit the spot (as did a few moonshine cherries too).

All the best,
Glenn B


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