Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Voice (or Pen) of Reason For All Sides In Baltimore...

...is to be found in Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano. The man makes a lot of sense and I agree whole heartedly with virtually all of what he says. Read it here:


Let me just add this, in answer to the question posed by the title of his article - If the people were armed as the Bill of Rights enumerates we should be, then government would be much more hesitant to allow police officers to get away with murder in the name of Justice. Don't get me wrong, I am not slamming the police or law enforcement in general but I must say I am sick of the so called Blue Wall of Silence that allows for deaths like those of Freddie Gray to go unpunished because one bad cop cover for the crimes of another. Hear me on that, any cop who keeps his mouth shut and does not give evidence freely and truthfully, when he sees another cop commit a felony even if the victim of that felony is a dirtbag, is a bad cop and a criminal himself. Of course, maybe this was an accident but withholding evidence in such a case is just as bad. Just look at the results so far.

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Glenn B

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