Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why A Man Might Carry Duct Tape (or even a roll of stickers)

She won't likely fall for the line "Hey lady, I think your shoelace is untied" but she may damned well step on a piece of sticky tape or a sticker (left behind by a thrill seeker) on the floor and bend over trying to get it off of her shoe. Of course, being a gentleman, I would never do such a thing and I am posting this only as a public service warning for all babes who wear very short skirts.

Now for those of you men who think me posting such a warning will ruin your chances of pulling that off, just think about how many hot mini-skirted babes are reading this blog. You have no worries there.

Hat tip to Lenny L for the poster.

All the best,

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