Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Man May Need To Think About Changing Jobs

A police officer in Indiana responded to the scene of an accident in which a truck had struck a deer injuring it but not fatally. Seeing that the deer was suffering and that it needed to be put out of its misery, the officer reportedly drew his could, then with tears in his eyes said he could not do it and handed his firearm to someone in the gathered crowd of onlookers to shoot the deer. See:


Now the article does not say if the guy who had the officer's gun actually shot the deer or not. It does sound as if the deer was shot though because the article does say this:

"Anderson said he was surprised the officer didn’t disperse the crowd prior to the shooting." (I added the underline.)

So not only was the officer reportedly: incapable of carrying out the euthanasia, and was so emotionally charged as to reportedly have tears in his eyes, he handed his loaded service weapon to someone in the crowd, and also did not think out the situation enough to move onlookers safely away from the scene when the animal was shot. Yep, I think that he should be thinking about a new line of employment for himself and so to should his bosses be considering that for him.

There is a  bit more info in this article:


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