Monday, November 12, 2012

System Restore - A Good Thing - Thank You Bill Gates (or thanks to the tech who thought it up)

Lucky for me that I decided to try to run System Restore tonight, on my pretty new laptop, instead of waiting any longer. I was able to find a restore point that I was sure had been set before a problem started with my computer and that was the only one, of which I was certain, that had been set before the computer started acting up.

My computer was acting kind of slow, but only on certain programs. When bringing up my blog it was really at a snail's pace and, when opening MS Word, it was slower than normal. In addition, sometimes, when I opened my blog it would just keep opening new windows of my blog one after the other nonstop, like 20 or 30 times, before I could stop it by shutting it down.

It also ran the blog very slowly. For instance, when I would be typing a blog post, it would suddenly stop. Since I do not touch type and look at the keys when typing, I often did not notice until after writing several sentences and then when I looked up, it was frozen and all I had typed for the last several seconds, to maybe a minute, was not there. I would have to do it again. Sometimes I would have to wait up to half a minute for it to work again. It would happen repeatedly, often several times within a a couple of minutes. I also would often get a message asking if I wanted to turn off the script that was taking too long.

I just ran System Restore, going as far back as I could to October 25th. Right now, the computer seems to be working okay. There are no slowdowns. The blog came right up, almost instantaneously. So did MS Word. As I typed this post, there was not one delay nor one message asking if I wanted to stop running a script that was taking to long.

I had tried running Norton Anti-Virus and I also ran CCleaner both to no avail to fix this problem, whatever it was that was screwing up. I was about to start screaming, and maybe shooting (at the computer) but a cooler head prevailed and I decided to run System Restore first. It seems to have worked.

All the best,
Glenn B

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