Monday, November 12, 2012

I Almost Said Screw Norton 360...

...after I had run system restore and fixed whatever problem i was that had been slowing down my computer on a select few applications. Why? Well, because after running System Restore and restarting my computer, I realized Norton360 was not working. When I clicked on the Norton Icon, not the Norton 360 icon but the Norton Anti-Virus icon for the trial version that came with my system (I had a Norton 3600 account previously and had installed it on my current laptop after its initial Norton AV trial ran out but after running System Restore only the Norton Trial Icon came up) nothing happened. Ouch, I realized my laptop was without protection, as in rubberless in a world of AIDS computer viruses! So, I went to my Norton account and tried to download Norton 360 again but there was a problem and it did not work. Happily, Norton indicated that I could try again after I first had manually uninstalled any Norton products from my PC. I did that, I uninstalled Norton. Then I reinstalled the Norton 360. Even though my account had showed I had already done so with all 3 of my subscriptions (from a single purchase for three computers) it allowed me to download it again; I guess it can determine that the PC to which one is downloading is one to which it has been downloaded before. That is good. Once I did that; all was again excellent in the land of virtual reality, at least for me, for now!

All the virtual best,
Glenn B

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