Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Damn - Here Comes Another Storm

They are predicting a nor'easter on its way to the mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.  While the gurus are saying it would not be as bad as Sandy, they seemingly are not considering all those already damaged homes and business and other structures that certainly do not need another hit to make things worse. As for me, okay, so it takes off the rest of my house's shingles, then the insurance company will have to pay for it all - no question.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Stay warm. Emergency Essentials has some 100 hour candles that I think are great as well as a power crank phone charger and radio. You are covered in protecting yours, but be safe.

Sausage and beef jerky keep for a good while.

Have bleach to make water potable, 1 capful per gallon-will taste not so good, but will make it safe.

Dried fruit-raisins, banana's, figs, are good to have.

Chocolate keeps for a good long time...dark chocolate is healthier.

Fig newtons also last a while.

Duct tape for everything.

Vitamins to balance while under chaotic situations weather wise.

Herbal teas are wonderful.

and if you are me-canned potato chips such as pringles-last a while too.

LOL-I am always in the be prepared mode.


Glenn B said...

I have a good amount of food in store and have some decent candles. Probably the one thing we would soon run short of is water. It takes up an awful lot of space storing water but I do need to buy several more cases of it and shove it somewhere. I was thinking of maybe getting a couple long term water storage barrels too.