Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fuck That Out of Touch Scumbag Mayor Bloomberg...

...who reportedly is now saying that: 'Yes the federal government is giving out free gasoline to the public, but the New York City Government is going to take their share first'. What a pompous, arrogant, bureaucratic piece of shit is he if that is, in essence, true. He is not serving anything other than his own interests as once again he shows himself to be painfully out of touch with reality and with the needs of the people whom he is supposed to serve and not attempt to rule.


All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...


We need to remember this and prepare because of the idiocy(criminals) that lead our country from the local level to the national level.

I am so fed up.

I pray that WE the people can step up as it is so sad to see what is NOT happening.

Glenn B said...

It now appears that the feds agree with Bloomberg, and they are also saying it it if for first responders only as per an article I saw at Fox News. The governor of NY has also chaged his tune now sayig it is for first resonders after starting what amounted to an almost stampede for fuel by saying it was for the public.

They are all morons as far as I am concerned, it should be going to the public and the government should have its own fuel depots filled in reserve before such a storm.