Friday, November 30, 2012

I Keep Forgetting To Buy Some Scope Rings... set my Hawke Varmint SF atop my Marlin XS7 in .308. Maybe having a muddled middle aged memory is a good thing sometimes, it just may have saved me a few bucks this time round. I finally remembered, earlier today, that I still needed those rings and that got me to thinking that maybe there were some laying around somewhere. Funny how that thought struck me when I was obeying she who must be obeyed and was cleaning up the basement a bit. When doing that task, I spied a couple of old attache cases in which I now keep gun accessories and whatnot, took a look inside of each, and scored in the second one. There were two sets of rings in it. Medium height rings may do the trick but they look pretty low to me. I'll give them a try as soon as I have the time to put them on the scope and attach them to the rail on the rifle. I work tomorrow and Sunday but may find the time after work.

I think that Brendan has been itching to fire the Marlin XS-7. That would be a good thing because it means a range trip for the two of us. Something we have not done together since, I think, August when we went to the NE Bloggershoot in a superseKrit location in NH, or was it MA or maybe Maine. I hope they fit and we get a day off together soon.

I have no training in how to mount a scope or to attach the rings to it then to the gun. I just do it by putting the scope rings onto the rail on the rifle first. Then I put the scope into the rings and tighten everything pretty darned snug, so the rings looked evenly tight on both sides to my eye and make sure the crosshairs look level when I am doing it. I can always loosen the rings a bit and level the scope later too if need be. Whatever way I do it, right or wrong, it has worked well so far.

All the best,
Glenn B

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