Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah The Stamina Of Youth

The son got a bit snockered at his graduation party yesterday afternoon through last night through early this morning - him along with a good number of his friends, my wife (expecting a major hangover for her), daughter, my wife's coworker/friend, and some of our neighbors. I had a beer but was feeling too rundown to drink more so I drank about 5 cups of coffee. Luckily for me, and intelligently for Brendan's friends, they all decided to walk home. Most did not bring cars but the one who did left it parked on our block. Had they wanted me to, I would have driven them home but when I asked about driving them they all opted to walk. The party started at about 2PM yesterday, about an hour early when my in-laws showed up, then my sister her beau and my nephew and his best friend and slowly but surely all the rest we expected. It ended at about 2AM this morning right after I sent my son a text message reminding him he had work at 0700. He was still outside with one of the neighbors until then. From the sound of it, he headed upstairs to hit the sack at about 0210.

I went up to wake him for work; I am guessing that was at about 0655 or so. He was, up and out, on his way to work at 0703. Not too bad considering the party and all. I asked if he was still feeling a bit tipsy and he said "no" and did not appear to be at all; he had stopped drinking awhile before the party ended (that was smart on his part). Had he even hinted of still being under the influence, even just a tiny bit, I would have driven him into work. Yet, it may be a tough day at the kennel today, all those dogs yapping and Brendan maybe going to have a bit of a hangover, then again maybe not. College graduation only comes around once and he is still young, with lots of stamina, so he will make it through the day okay.

All the best,

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Robert Hewes said...

I can't imagine the hell that it would be to work in a kennel when you have a hangover. I'd rather pass a pinecone backwards.