Monday, March 12, 2012

The Outrage Over Afghanistan Shootings - Hypocritical To Say The Least

So, a U.S. soldier goes out and in an apparent berserk rage, he shoots 14 or 16 civilians (video), over half of them woman and children. He did so, reportedly, under cover of night, as they slept. He is, in my view, undoubtedly a coward, possibly a heinous criminal and or also possibly a friggin psycho (if he is a psycho he may not necessarily be a criminal but you can just about bet he will b e convicted because he apparently has been convicted by some in the Obama Administration already). Heck, I may have convicted him myself at least for being a coward at any rate but then again if he was a psycho maybe he was not cowardly, just deranged. I will though, as I would for anyone, give him his day in court and believe him innocent until proven guilty even under military rule.

What gets me about this whole incident is the response of politicians and their stooges; how so many are coming out an calling it such things as: heartbreaking (Obama), a calamity, terrible and awful (H. Clinton), an act of terrorism, a crime, inexcusable and unforgivable (reportedly the stooge who heads the Afghan government said that), an outrage and on and on. Yet, those same people were never once reported to have said the same things about the killings of U.S. Servicemen after the accidental burning of those bogus religious books at the U.S. military base recently. I never heard President Obama once say he was outraged at the killings of U.S. military personnel by Afghan forces although I did hear him apologize big time to the Afghan and Muslim world for an accidental burning of mere pieces of paper. I also Hillary Clinton sounding as if she was totally gobstruck and aghast over the shootings of Afghan civilians but I sure do not remember her saying how terrible it was that our servicemen were being killed by our Afghan allies over said accidental book burning. It upsets me to know that the leader we put in  charge of Afghanistan is an asshole about this latest situation but it absolutely galls me no end that our Secretary of State and our President are two of the biggest spineless apologists on the face of the earth. No matter what happens, if our people are the ones doing the killing or the ones getting killed, it seems our government's current administration is kissing Islamic ass over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sure, this shooting incident was a terrible thing, it truly was an outrage, it deserves to be given more attention than apologies and it is possibly inexcusable unless the guy is totally bonkers. It was reported on Fox TV News, earlier this evening, that the suspected shooter was reported to have had a traumatic brain injury from one of his 3 tours in Iraq but was found by military medical personnel to be fit for duty. Then he was sent to Afghanistan for his first tour there (but 4th tour in a combat zone altogether). Now, if the man was crazy, because of a brain injury, do you think that maybe his actions were possibly excusable on medical and psychiatric grounds? I think so but Karzai apparently does not agree and he is calling for a total U.S. pullout from Afghanistan immediately. His buddies, you know them as the Taliban (although President Obama used to pronounce it the Tally-Bahn) agree with him and are also calling for death to Americans. They are the terrorists responsible for shielding al-Qaeda and for enslaving the population of Afghanistan prior to us invading and saving the Afghans from them. They are the scum of the earth and of course they want us out of Afghanistan and want to retaliate against Americans around the world (or so I also heard that last reported on the evening news tonight). It simply amazes me how friggin hypocritical are these people who chop off heads of non-believers who oppose them and who stone rape victims to death if raped by devious and horrible perverted men. Of course, the men do not get punishment nearly as bad if punished at all.

You know, if I was Supreme Ruler, I would let them have what they want regarding our immediate pullout. Every U.S. troop would be out of there by the end of the month BUT every bit of U.S. Aide would disappear along with the troops. Let the Taliban have that sand trap back, let the people there get pillaged and plundered by the Taliban. Let's just leave it at that.

Let me get back to the shooting. If the U.S. soldier is found guilty, I think hanging would be too good for him. I don't give much of a rat's arse about the woman, funny how the Taliban is all concerned about women suddenly, but the guy killed young children. I heard one child was around 2 years old. About the only thing I could see that would excuse his behavior would be mental illness, severe mental illness. Something tells me though he will be found fit for trial, he will stand trial, will be found guilty and will go to jail for life. How else would the Obama Administration handle it, even if the suspect was crazy as a loon.

All the best,
Glenn B