Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stupidity In Crime

A robbery suspect in South Carolina has died after police say he spray painted his face to conceal his identity during the crime, WLTX reported.

This, you can explain to your children, is the reason they want to do well in high school, trade school and or college - so they can avoid finding themselves doing something for a living that requires no degree and no amount of intelligence. Yes I am referring to the idea of having to resort to a life of crime, although I must admit the person who wrote the above sentence could have paid more attention in school. Did the robber die only after police say he spray painted his face, or did he die after, and possibly as a result of the fact, he spray painted his face. Whatever - at least the reporter has a decent job and probably graduated high school as well as college. The robber, on the other hand, probably did not graduate high school (at least not on his own merit) and probably was not a college man. Then again, he probably never watched the James Bond movie Goldfinger either and now he is dead!

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Humble wife said...

Holy Crap! Too bad he didnt watch the episode of Mythbusters that did a goldfinger episode.

I dont think school is the only thing this person was lacking!