Monday, July 21, 2008

An Open Invitation... any U.S. Citizen or legal resident alien, who is of legal age, if you are on Long Island and want to learn how to shoot a rifle or shotgun, I would be happy to assist free of charge as per availability. You must provide your own firearm(s) and ammunition, safety equipment, pay for your own range use fees, and for your own transportation to the range. I can possibly provide a 22 rifle for first timers under certain circumstances, but this will be the rare exception. This offer goes for virtually anyone who can legally possess a firearm within New York State, and who is mentally and physically capable, in my opinion, of using one safely. I am available to do this at the Nassau County Rifle Range in Uniondale, or at the Long Island Shooting Range of Brookhaven. Please be responsible and courteous, don't be a jerk if you want to take me up on it, be capable of shooting safely, and be legally allowed to possess firearms and ammunition. This offer conveys no privilege or right to anyone, and I may, at my own discretion, decline to provide this offer to anyone for any reason, or may discontinue the offer at any time with no advance notice.

All the best,
Glenn B


Pen of Jen said...

Hey have you considered connecting with the local home school HS group? Bill has taught gun safety and shooting to this group in several areas. He interviewed each teen and the parents before he offered this.

FYI : in my rinky dink county we have over registered 220 home schoolers. We often seek out things as this to broaden horizons and identify areas of expertise.

BTW..on my words 3 I answered you.. thanks for taking the time to comment. I do find your blogging a part of my day...just as I check fox, or drudge or gateway or don't think that I minimize your day to day thoughts.
And all the best to ya...wish I could return all the humidity to you that does not belong in the desert(56% today...ugh)

Glenn Bartley said...


Schools around here and shooting do not go together. My duaghter and son's HS dropped the rreifle team several years ago. What a disappointment it was because I had high hopes for my son on a rifle team.

All the best,