Monday, July 21, 2008

On Troop Surges and Timetables

Barack Hussein Obama is currently in Iraq (he finally got some chutzpah, I suppose because he is too afraid of losing votes by not going). Now that he is there, a lot of drum banging will begin, and you can bet it will all be shoved in our faces on the televised news. Heck, three news anchors are traveling with him. (Now can you imagine that since the democrats were the ones who scream wildly about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine in the news media - what hypocrites!) Back to Barack. He is is talking pullout of troops on a fast schedule, and he is also talking about introducing a surge of troops to Afghanistan. Funny isn't it - how not too long ago Barack hypocrite Hussein Obama voted against the troop surge for Iraq saying a troop surge would not work, and now he is ready to fully endorse surges over in the war in Afghanistan by sending a troop surge to that country. I guess he thought that troop surges just wouldn't work in one country because it was spelled I-R-A-Q instead of A-F-G-H-A-N-I-S-T-A-N, I mean what other reason could there be, let alone what sensible reason could there be for how he has changed his view of troop surges?

Now I am not saying we should not be getting out of Iraq. I think if we have done the job, then we should be done with it. My feeling is that it we should make sure it is done, they start to withdraw. As to a timetable, well, I don't know. I think some troops, in the form of advisers, and in the form of air bases, should remain in Iraq as we have had them in Germany and in South Korea, for quite awhile. Most though should be taken out, and that I think should start soon. Then we should hammer Afghanistan. Yet there is a difference in how and why I view it this way from how Barack Hussein Obama views it. He readily admits secretly believes it a great way to get votes, and nothing more from what I can see. I say it to actually win the war on terrorism, and to give our troops a break. In the overall picture, from what I can see liberal Democrats overall don't give a flying flap jack as to the safety of the troops (they attack them over here in protests), curse them at every chance they get, cut back on spending for their protection, and opposed the surge in Iraq that ultimately resulted in saving many lives of our soldiers. No not the opposition, but the surge itself saved lives, so if you are a Demoncrat, please do not twist my words.

I wonder, as to liberal Democrats in general - have you noticed how they have greeted Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's suggestion for a near future troop withdrawal, on a timetable, from Iraq. Of course you know that they have greeted it with open arms and a lot of pompous saying 'see we told you that is what was needed' kind of thing. In that light they are praising Maliki as a great leader who knows that which about he speaks. They just cannot praise Maliki enough. Funny though, it was not too long ago that the Democrats overwhelmingly condemned Maliki as little more than a stooge or puppet for the Bush administration, and labelled him as pretty much useless and completely ineffectual as the leader of Iraq. With the liberal Democrats it seems to be they change their minds as the wind blows instead of having some sort of convictions or backbone. The really strange thing is that their constituencies seem to eat it all right up and swallow it hook, line and sinker as being gospel truth. Amazing.

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Glenn B

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Pen of Jen said...

I forgot about the fairness

makes me think of WWI how we refused to see the truth and consequentially paid heavily for it by WWII...turning a blind eye does not avoid the truth.

hope we get it before it is too late...