Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Violence...

I do not embrace violence as a way of life, but nor do I abhor it and try to rend it from my life. I have been familiar with it as I played as a child, sprouted into a teenager, and to matured as a man. I learned much from both its just and unjust application. I used it to convey a stern measure of discipline to my children as was needed; and I recommend it to other parents so long as wielded within reason. I highly recommend it as a punitive measure, and a preventative one with regard recurrence of crime, for those convicted of certain crimes. I will face it when it is thrust upon me, and I will resort to it to defend myself and my family, my loved ones, my nation, and our Constitution. I will then extol its virtues as I understand that it is a natural, and oft times good, part of the human condition that we call living. It cannot and should not be removed from our lives because to do so would render us spiritless. It should both be wielded and restrained with care as to misuse it can sometimes be devastating, but to incapacitate a peoples' ability to resort to it can be worse and result in catastrophe. A violent nature is just that - Nature - and we should never forget that or try to remove ourselves from the reality that we too are a product of nature and violence is part of what makes us both human and natural beings.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Well said!