Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Could Not Stand The Heat... I got out of the kitchen; and I sat down in the living room with a Scotch on the rocks. The aroma of the 1o year old Speyside was heavy, but nowhere near as fragrant as the unseen hints of exotic spices, apples, and baking pie crust that made there way to me from the kitchen. I had spent the half hour or so, before sitting down with my libation, preparing a breakfast delight for my wife - one of her favorites - homemade apple pie. I hope she thinks it as good as ones I have made in the past, since it has been a while. I can tell you it sure smells and looks wonderful. Maybe it is not as pretty as a pie made by a professional chef, or even a regular Sallie the Home Maker type, but it usually tastes pretty darned delicious if I must say so myself. I almost cannot wait to have a piece, so I had better get off the computer, and head to bed; if I stay up any longer, the pie will not make it through the night unscathed.

All the best,
Glenn B


MightyMom said...

how lovely! so nice of you to make it for her!!

I've given you an award.

Jungle Mom said...

Mega brownie points!

Ma Kettle said...

Looks delicious! My mother is German and we always ate apple pie in a bowl with milk and sugar.

Is this just a crazy twist or something that rings a bell?