Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Arrest Was Made - Does it Matter To Anyone?

As reported by CNN, Mexican authorities arrested a suspect, Jesus Navarro-Montes in the slaying of heroic U.S. Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar Jr.. The arrest was made on January 22? Did any of you know that. Heck it was reported online by CNN - can you imagine all of the space they must have given to such an important arrest: go here and take a look yourself.

The media, heck just CNN alone, gave what seems to me to have been at least 20 times more space to Paris Hilton's panty-less private parts. What a sad commentary. In addition another sad thing, Mexico may not extradite this guy to the USA unless it is guaranteed that he will not face the executioner's hand if found guilty of the murder of BPA Aguilar.

Look at this guy, study him well. Does he remind you of anyone working on your front lawn, painting a neighborhood house, delivering groceries. This short haircut with scraggly half a man's mustache, with half sleeve rolled up, the tattoos, this is a classic look of gang member. Yes they are all over the USA in great numbers. Contact your elected officials, don't allow them to think for a moment that you tolerate illegal aliens, and criminal aliens within the USA. If deportation was good enough for Italian organized crime members back in the 1930s, it should be more than good enough for scum who commit crimes like that of which this guy has been accused, that is after he is convicted, and executed. Then we can deport him posthumously. Of course he has to be extradited from Mexico, and actually convicted first - but if he is convicted I think he should fry.

Before any of that though, the press and our elected officials - all of them who made the big stink when the drug smuggler was shot - ought to be making even more noise now to make sure that this guy has his day in court, and if found guilty - has his day meeting his maker sooner than later. Of course, unless there is some sudden outcry from the public, that would be you and I, no one will make such a brouhaha over this as they did when those 2 BPAs shot that smuggler.

If the death of BPA Aguilar is not enough for you to be outraged, then please click on this link and read the article:
Things described in the article are commonplace in Mexico, and no kidding the police shoot to kill down there - yet the drug gangs are thriving and blatantly executing police officers and other officials. Want to know why you should make an outcry now, because very soon it will be just that way here in the USA. You don't believe it, well believe this - there are over 20 million illegal aliens here in the USA, and probably 80% of them of more come from Mexico based upon what I have read. Now do some searching and check out the stats on how many people in jail in the USA, especially the southwestern states, are illegal aliens and how many are Mexican.

They keep coming folks, because our border security and our immigration policy are ludicrous, just a joke if anything. Don't get me wrong, legal Mexican immigrants should be welcomed with open arms - they would be the ones who do not illegally enter the USA, who do not smuggle drugs or commit other crimes. But as for the the illegals, the drug smugglers, and the gang members already here who rape, pillage and plunder, our laws are an absolute joke and they know it. They also know our whole criminal justice system is a joke (heck if they did not all they had to do was watch the news about those 2 Border patrol Agent who shot the drug smuggler). Yes it is a joke and they know it. They are coming here to take over, to make this place like their home, to live like they do in what is seemingly one of the most crime ridden and corrupt nations on the face of the earth; and they can do it within a decade or two, and yes they know it! They also know they will get no resistance from the so called good Mexicans who are here, because those good Mexicans already fled Mexico to in part get away from these criminals and all their raping, killing, pillaging, and plundering. Yes the criminal Mexican aliens know it!

When are you going to "know it" too, and do something about it? Will it be before it is too late, think about that but not for too long. Do something about it, and pronto!

All the best,
Glenn B


Ma Kettle said...

Glenn....right on again! Living where I do, I hear much about agents Compean and Ramos. Makes me sick how the were incarcerated for doing their job, dealing with pieces of garbage like the one in the photo.

I KNOW that the government is not going to do anything about it. I see in my community daily the influx of illegals on their way anywhere in the US.

I pass through border patrol checkpoints several times a week and am amazed at the ongoings.

Keep on writing...all it takes it one to begin the ripple effect and maybe I will be proven wrong(I sure hope so)

quidni said...

I am a US citizen, living on the border, a member of the Texas State Guard, and the mother of a USBP agent, and you better believe that it matters to me!

We've maybe been more fortunate in regards to "exposure" of this situation locally, as Aguilar was a "local boy" for us. While the articles haven't been hugely detailed, they've all been front page.ybcer

Glenn Bartley said...

Too bad thought this is not getting the National and International attention it deserves. It would help bring the illegal alien and smuggler issue to a boil, and maybe help get something good done about illegal aliens, like getting rid of them and building a border barrier.

I was BP for my first career job in LE, in calexico, CA. Back then calexico was the hotspot of the border for old west style happenings between BPAs and the illegals. It can be a very, very dangerous job (which I guess is an understatement in light of Aguilar's death).

Hope your son stays safe. Give him my best, and tell him I preferred 3and 4 cell MagLites over anything back in 79-83.

All the best,
Glenn B