Monday, September 10, 2007

Mexican Pipeline Blown Up - Not one word about...

...TERRORISM was mentioned in the articles I read about the sabotage of the Gas Pipelines in Mexico (see:,2933,296239,00.html, and and I wonder why? Is it that it would look bad for politicians here in the USA who support, or at least do not oppose, the influx of illegal aliens from that country? Or is it that Mexican authorities, especially its president, fear that the borders would be more closely watched if they referred to these acts as acts of terrorism? Or maybe it is because, the great number of illegal aliens within our borders, and the racists who support them, would be OH-fen-ded should the media indicate the true nature of these attacks; and the media just does not have the chutzpah to offend anyone on the left.

If I was the boss, the borders of the USA would have been shut down, at least for several hours, while steps were implemented to assure that our government had coordinated with the Mexican government to assure that the terrorists who caused those explosions were not able to flee Mexico over our border with said country. Of course, that does not seem to have happened, most likely because it did not happen - and most likely due to the fact that our politicians, and those in charge of the border are little more than whimpering butt wipes politically correct automatons. Our borders remain open, the flow of illegals, and quite possibly of terrorists and other criminals who are fleeing Mexico, is pretty much unabated from its normal course. Maybe the next attack will take place at a refinery in the USA. Who knows, I cannot tell because I cannot predict the future with certainty. One thing though that I can say with certainty is that our borders are pretty much unprotected, and off little protection from the likes of those who blew up the pipelines. Heavens help us because it seems our politicians will not.

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Glenn B

(By the way, I read at least 4 articles on the pipeline explosions; however by the tiem I wrote this poiece tonight, those articles had seemingly disappeared from the other news agencies' home pages. I guess it was not important enough for CNN to keep this posted prominently on their home page. It might have been to OH-fen-sive to someone had they done so!)

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jennifer said...

I meant to comment last night. What is up that this is not important. My husband said especially since we've allowed trucks in with less inspection since labor day(the dynamite explosion).

Who knows I guess if the MSM squashed it then it must be damaging to them, and prove that terror and the borders are truly a treat.