Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay - just a little bit before I head back to bed...

...and sleep the sleep of fevered dreams.

I just did a little reading on some of the blogs I look to with fair regularity. Over at
Geeks With Guns, I read the first part of this article,:


Then I read the rest at the link that was supplied. What is written in the article should come as no surprise to anyone who thinks rationally about what has been going on with Islamic terrorists (with all Islamists in fact, and no I am not saying all are terrorists, but all by into a faith that seeks to inherit the earth and convert her people). I guess though there will be some who have a difficult time either believing this, or comprehending it, those like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, most of the far left wackos here in the USA and abroad. Heck the people in the UK are not willing to accept it, they still seemingly prefer to believe it is their fault or our fault that the terrorists are killing them. When will the rest of the world awaken and realize it is the terrorists at fault, and in this case: Islamic terrorists and those in Islam who support them, ignore them, run and hide in fear of them without doing anything to defeat them, of course as well as those among our own nations who sympathize with them or make excuses for them.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the link!

jennifer said...

I don't get it myself. I hope this blame us mentality isn't our downfall.

Hope you feel better,