Friday, December 22, 2006

Let's Hope The Brits Have Got It Wrong...

...and that they have gotten it wrong because they have done a great job of rounding up terrorists.

What I am hopeful they have wrong is this:

"It will be a miracle if there isn't a terror attack over the holidays in London,"

Let's hope that miracles really do happen.

The quote came from an article that I found through a link at, the artcile being:

London Braces for Attack; 'Miracle' If There Isn't One

The article itself, is located at @, and accroding to it the British have been feverishly working an investigation of terrorist activities, involving six "active plots", that to date of the article (December 21) has aparently resulted in some arrests. Yet, they are, or were, still seeking 18 suspected terrorists, all working together, and all believed to be potential suicide bombers. They believe the attack being planned, is planned to be much larger than the attacks on the British subway system last year, and they think it will come before January 1. Yes folks, I got that right, as per the article, they think it will happen. Not very promising for the Brits.

Hopefully they have got that last part wrong. Hopefully they will have arrested, all those involved before any of them get to pull it off.

If it is going to happen, my guess would be it will either happen today, or on New Year's Eve. Today is a big shopping day (at least here in the US and I imagine also so in the UK), and the last day for working blokes to be at work before the holiday. That means the city streets and subways, and buses will be full of decent ordinary folks, and they would all be prime targets for dirtbag, Islamo Fascist, terrorist suicide bombers. It is imperative that the British citizen keep alert, and ready to take some action in the face of danger should it take place. Hopefully some of them have, in some way, prepared themselves and will have an action plan should bombings take place. Even more hopefully, the British authorities have done a bang up investigation, and have already eliminated the immediate threat. Then, beyond almost all hope, the British will have awakened to the fact that Islam is, at the very least, the tool of the enemy, and at the very most is the enemy, and they will deal with it accordingly.

Here is hoping they, the good British Citizens and other good folks in the UK, stay safe from terrorism, now and always.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

I just read some bullshit about trust on some dames page. She made it sound as if trust is earned but she trusts no one, and being a bitch who trusts no one is a good thing. I guess she must have been ripped off by someone like who you talk about.

Glenn Bartley said...

Please try to say it a bit nicer next time, thanks.

Glenn Bartley said...

and now that I think of it, try to keep comments relative to the post at hand.