Thursday, February 2, 2023

Uncle Slow Joe & The Chinese Spy Balloon

Supposedly, a suspected Chinese spy balloon has been hovering over Montana (don't we have nuke silos there). More at the source.
So Biden & his lackeys have decided that allowing a suspected Chinese spy balloon to hover over the United States, to potentially spy on us and our defenses, is safer for America than shooting it down. If a plane flies with restricted air space over DC, fighter jets are scrambled to intercept, force it to turn it away, maybe force it to land or shoot it down if the pilot does not comply. Regardless of anything else - IT WOULD BE  CONSIDERED A PRIORITY BECAUSE THEY WOULD CONSIDER IT A MAJOR THREAT.  
That is not happening here. So, why is it that an aircraft suspected of spying on us for our enemy the Red Chinese is not being treated likewise? My guess, so the Chinese are not pissed off at us him too much when they invade or should I say are invited in to take over by The Man Who Would Destroy America & His Accomplices - Joe Biden and the dems! Of course, that might all have something to do with the dirt they have on him & his son.

Biden is, in my opinion, truly the worst POS and probably most corrupt president we have had by far within my lifetime. He, I think, far surpasses Obama in that regard. Those last two sentences stand even if this merely turns out to be an errant Canadian weather balloon, simply a hoax or an attack on our soil by the Duchy of Grand Fenwick (one can hope it is the latter).
 All the best, 
Glenn B 


danielbarger said...

Pedo Joe and most of the American Communist Party are owne by the CCP? This isn't complicated. It's treason but it's not complicated.

Glypto Dropem said...

It's even worse if you consider how he brags about wanting to use the military (F-15's and nukes, Jack!) against his political opposition, while an air space intrusion is simply "monitored"

Talk about absolute dereliction of duty at all levels


riverrider said...

could be ours. three to five are up there at any given time, capturing every call, every text and ever ping. monkey werx tracks them daily on his 'tube channel along with the weather manipulators and the commercial spy planes, etc. this one was discovered over canada, so maybe nsa decided it would look better to call it chinese? why the canadians didn't react is another question. i would suppose the thing could carry an emp weapon or other as well. don't these useful idiots notice that asa the commies get in power they dispose of those that helped them first, by the thousands?