Saturday, February 25, 2023

50K Dead - Damn!

The death toll in both Turkey & Syria has reached 50 thousand. According to an article at Reuters, there were over 160 thousand buildings that were destroyed and 520,000 apartments. Some arrests, less than 200, have been made to date of people suspected in some way of being responsible for the structural collapses. (More at the source.) I think it will be a miracle if the death toll does not at least double with that many apartments involved.
If folks had heard trumpets before the quake, many would be preparing for the Apocalypse or swearing it was here already. As it is, the Apocalypse commencing or purely a destructive force of Nature, of course, it is terrible nonetheless. 
I do not do this often but as I did in my previous post on this quake, I urge folks to be charitable toward earthquake relief for this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

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thomastheglassexpert said...

If you dig into the arrests a bit deeper you will find that the Federal Govt under dick-tater Erodogan APPROVED AND AUTHORIZED shoddy crappy shortcuts for speed-sake to make a go-around that were/are building codes laws. So, the contractors took advantage of those approvals and people died is the result. I was in on the new Airport remodel Istanbul 2012 and thought their Code Compliance laws were actually pretty good.