Sunday, August 7, 2022

Next Thing You Know The Lefties Will Make Every Effot To Legalize Pedophilia

Let's face it, when a judge sentences an apparent (in my view) pedophile, who had sex with a minor under 14, to only 60 days in jail followed by probation - there truly is something rotten in Denmark, as they say, but in this case the United States takes the place of Denmark. 
Fox news has reported that:
"Marka Bodine, 32, a former Tomball ISD teacher, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 14." More at the source.
I have said it before today, and am saying it again, the wacky leftists in this country will make every attempt not only to legalize - but to normalize - adults having sex with children within this country and they will do so within 5 to 10 years at most if not sooner. They are already well under way at it by having infiltrated positions of trust such as teachers, doctors, nurses, scout masters, law enforcement and religious leaders.
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Matthew W said...

40 years ago we were called bigots and homophobes because we said adult/child sex would be to ultimate outcome of normalizing homosexual deviancy.....

riverrider said...

that's the ultimate aim. a lot of people saw it when they legalized gay marriage. nobody cared if they married, but we saw where this was headed. now "man-boy love" and other disgusting things are headed to normalization. and like we said back then, a gay couple in georgia was arrested for rape and child porn production involving their adopted kids. one of many. guns should be banned "if it saves just one life". yeah, well here's two of many lives that are irrevocably ruined, but we're supposed to ignore it, discount it as an anomaly. but by making us take it they undermine our morals and in doing so break the connection we have, the social contract we have, with each other. then we can be defeated easily.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I can't think of a single compromise we Normies have made that we haven't come to regret. The whole " What we do in our bedroom is none of your business " thing led to naked pride marches. You can ask a Progressive what society needs to look like when they are satisfied and desire no further changes..
But you will Not get an answer.