Saturday, January 1, 2022

As With Every January 1st - This One Somewhat Sucks...

 ...but that has not so much to do with the new year but that it is a new month and some bills are due and others though not due are already posted and get paid by me on the first day of the month. So, while I just saw my bank account swell due to the deposit of my increased pension today, I also saw it deflate more than it inflated. That's because with regular bills plus recent spending on a gun auction & on Christmas just gone by - I owe, I owe, I owe and off to debtors court I do not want to go. 
At least I got a decent cost of living allowance in my pension this year as did other federal retirees; in fact the best one in years (probably Joe Biden trying to buy future votes). That would have been nicer by far if it (the COLA money) was not already spent plus more due to the outrageous and record breaking inflation caused by Joe Biden and his dimocrat crew who seemingly are ever spending everyone else's cash (s in the taxpayers' cash). 
Now mind you, I am not complaining about getting a raise. I am saying that I'd much rather have zero inflation, an excellent economy and no raise than a COLA that will only go toward creating higher inflation, thus higher prices and higher taxes in the long run. Fuck Joe Biden! I mean why bother with the libtard code for that of Let's Go Brandon when it is no secret what we mean (after all if was a libturd who tried to keep the actual chant a secret). So let me say it plain and simple once again - Fuck Joe Biden.
All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

i agree with the sentiment, but the language not so much. i think its sad that our society has gotten to the point of using vulgarity as regular conversation, especially where kids may see/hear it. i'm as guilty as anyone i suppose. i try to watch my language in public, and my sign says let's go brandon. i think it gets the point across w/o the vulgarity. i was in a restaurant the other day, kids all around when a nice young fella strides in with the "f"word emblazoned on his shirt. it made me cringe. kinda like those commercials for viagra, or peroni's disease. i can here the moms trying to explain that to their three year olds now. happy new year!

Glenn B said...

I'll agree to disagree as they say. I think that sometimes there is no other way to put it than in words that make others cringe. They just do not get it or think "isn't that cute' when softer words are substituted for the harsh ones. Use of soft words is often a cover-up for the harh reality. It is exactly what the lib reporter did by lying about what was being chanted.

riverrider said...

point made, point taken. get well my friend. might i suggest ivermectin? i take it monthly. got covid a month or so ago. it was gone in a couple days.