Saturday, September 18, 2021

If What Is Being Said About General Milley Is True...

 ...with regard to him reportedly advising his Red (as in communist) Chinese counterpart that he would inform the Red Chinese that we were going to attack them (before any potential attack took place) then this man is a POS traitor and deserves nothing less than a court martial and if convicted, the strictest penalty of all available under the law should be his fate.
My guess is he incorrectly thought there was something in President Trump's water - and that thought led him to commit treason - much like this guy thought there was something in the water:

hould the allegations be proven, I will consider Milley nothing more than a Chinese spy & traitor and will hope that Congress and the military prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Turncoat nation endangering scum like him we do not need in charge of our military nor even in our nation's service.
All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

the call are illegal for sure but the bigger treason is milley put himself in the nuclear decision making line which is totally illegal. the prez makes the decision, sends it to norad etc. milley is prohibited by law from decision making regarding the nukes.

Glenn B said...

Actually, I believe the fact that he was willing to give advance warning to the Chinese, of any imminent attack on China by the US, was worse in as much as he would have been giving them first sttike capabilty. That combined with almost certain hesitation by our military to launch at leastvsome of our nukes, at the order of the President, almost with certainty, would have allowed China to rain down devastating destruction on us. Any orders he may have given to prevent nukes being launched atbTtump's orders likely would have been only partially successful and probably onlyba delay; yet, because China would have received advance warning, you can rest assured they would have launched everything they already had aimed at us plus more. The man is a traitor if what has been reported is true, maybe a fucking lunatic too.

Stuart said...

The constitutional penalty for Treason is death.
Just sayin'