Friday, July 9, 2021

How I Wish Rush's Replacement...

 ...was anyone but who I: think is an evidently oft clueless, sometimes seemingly airheaded, repeater of already known facts and claims, that now fills Rush's time slot on the airwaves. For all the years that Dan Bojingo Bongino has been with Fox News, I have always found him to be boring and nothing more than a male cheerleader for the conservative/libertarian cause.Yes, his heart is in the right place and I am sure that he means well for the cause; however, as I see him he is someone that was a nobody and Fox tried to elevate him as they did with Oliver North and (in my opinion) the piece of shit cop (my opinion) who lied in the OJ trial who said under oath he never uttered the word "nigger"; what was his name - Mark Fuhrman or something akin to that. 
I am not trying to at all imply that Dan Bongino's character is that of a low life as I think was Fuhrman's and maybe even North's but just that Fox pushed him onto us just as they did the other two and I find all three less than impressive. In fact, I think Mr. Bongino probably has nearly impeccable character; yet I believe he is a bore, at least to me. I think both Fox and EIB (or whoever selected him) could have done much better. As for Mr. Bongino - it is like he hit the lottery over the course of what - about 10 years or so. Good for him but not so good for fans of Rush Limbaugh, I think.

So why do I feel that way? I hear little to no insight in his broadcasts when I listen to them - in fact nothing of what Rush gave us. I wish that the powers that be had instead chosen someone with at least 1/4 the insight of Rush Limbaugh to replace Rush. My pick would have been Mark Steyn but maybe the powers that be at felt he was not American enough (as in not native born to the US of A). Yet, I find the fact that he legally immigrated to the United States and that he holds high the banner of conservatism and libertarianism - along with his wit and his insightful grasp of politics, history and current events to have made him the perfect candidate.
Mind you, I am not even hinting that I could do a better job than Dan Bongino - but certainly as I have listened to both - I think Mark Steyn would have been the much better choice. Instead - they went with a man I honestly believe to be little more than a boring yet sometimes entertaining and well meaning conservative meathead speaker; and thus, if I want to listen to the radio during his time slot, I suffer through it as best I can. Of course, that is just one man's opinion.
All the best,
Glenn B


Glypto Dropem said...

The local Hartford affiliate has dropped EIB like a hot potato in favor of expanding the two local shows that were the bookends to Rush's show. I got tired of the Rush retrospective and didn't care for the two host model, so I have stuck with the local shiws.

Matthew W said...

I love Mark Steyn !!!
But only once or twice a month.

Crawfisher said...

Actually, Dan Bongino did not replace Rush on the radio. Buck Sexton and Clay Travis replaced Rush on the EIB network. Dan explained there are three major radio networks, and Rush was carried on one. The other two carrried Rush cuz no one would listen to them during Rush's three hour slot. Now that Rush has passed, there are multiple people, Dan, Buck & Clay, and others who filled the time slot on each of the major radio networks.

Glenn B said...

You may be right about on the station you listen to but where I am, Bongino sadly is the rsplacement for Rush.

Crawfisher said...

Just proves how popular Rush was, even the competition carried him on their networks.