Thursday, June 24, 2021

When President Trump Was In Office, I Feared...

 ...on an almost daily basis, that I would awaken in the morning to learn that he had been assassinated. I really expected not so much that it would happen but that some far left wing nut would at the very least try to kill him. It gave me the creeps every night for at least the last year or so of his presidency. I guess it was driven by the intense hatred of those on the left for him and for anything he did for America. 
Today, I have no to little fear that some far right wing nut will try to kill President Biden; although one never knows. What I do have now, is an anticipation that I will awaken one morning, go to the news online or turn on my radio, to learn that Biden has met his end - in whatever way his end comes about be it assassination, accidental death or natural causes - and that I will smile when I learn of it. 
To tell the truth, I think for one of the few times in my life, the death of a political figure - his death in particular - would actually make me happy. Why is that? Well, I think he is bad for America - very, very, very bad - and that he is well on his way to destroying our great nation, our Constitution and our way of life while looking to create a tyranny bent on ruling by way of communist and socialist ideals. To me, it seems that just about everything he has done to date since he became president proves it. 
Despite the fact that his demise might make me smile a happy smile, I do not actually wish anything bad upon him but if it comes it comes. I hope you can understand what I mean: I do not wish harm upon the man but sincerely wish that the severe harm I believe he evidently is causing to our nation and way of life would end immediately and if that happened and I think it would make me a happy man however it was brought about. Note, I am definitely not advocating that anyone go out and try to off him or harm him - and I for one am most certainly not about to attempt something like that. I am just saying how I think it would make me feel if I found out tomorrow that he had dropped dead tonight because that is about the only way I can imagine him being removed from office and as a threat to our country anytime soon. Of course he might also be declared mentally incompetent but it would likely take a stroke or some other fate almost as bad as death, if not worse, to accomplish that.
What it comes down to though is this: As much as I hate the fact and wish it was not so - he is my and our president. I believe that most of those who are republican, conservative, libertarian or even hard core right wingers agree with me on this by now - as much as they hate the fact just as I do that he is in the oval office - we understand and accept he is our president. Now think about this: how many democrats, liberals, socialists, communists or other leftist radicals do you know who believed that about President Trump - that he was their president at anytime during his four years in office. They hated him and tried to destroy him and the extremely good changes he brought about for our people and our country and one of their most prominent sayings about him was: he's not my president. Most did not even bother to say: 'He's not our president',  The truth is liberals are for the great part so self centered that just about everything they do or say or believe is based on the principle of 'me myself & I' as opposed to it being based upon 'we, our & us' as it should be in a unified America!
All the best,
Glenn B


Birdchaser said...

Joe Biden today said that US citizens can’t use AR15s to resist the power of his government because they’d need F-15s & nukes to take on the government
You keep him as your president I will not.

riverrider said...

sorry glenn, not my nor our president. 133 million voters and 151 million votes makes it so. obama was repulsive but i accepted his reign because i believed it legal and legit. not this time. i'm afraid what comes after slojoe may be even worse for our country though.

Glenn B said...

I 99.9% pretty sure I learned about his jet fighter and nuke statements only after I wrote that blog post. Had I known it when I wrote it, I am certain I would have made mention of it in the post and that the post would have taken a very different view of him being my or anyone's president. He is a tyrant pure and simple and needs to be legally removed from office without delay having made those statements. He repulses me as does Harris. Any president who would threaten use of nuclear weapons on Americans within America is not only out of his mind but is pure evil and I now will say - is not my president.