Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Mongrel Skye & I...

 ...were out for a walk  couple of nights ago around the apartment complex. We were heading back to our apartment, when there was one definite gunshot followed by about five to six (or even seven) more in rapid succession. I'd guesstimate the shots were from not more than 50 to 75 yards away at most, thankfully none incoming. I'm pretty sure they were all pistol shots. I thought they came from the Southwest end of our apartment complex or from the gas station right across the street from there. 
When we got home, I looked out the back door over toward the gas and saw a few people standing they're looking toward our apartment complex. I made sure the doors were locked and I merely went to bed. The two other times that I heard shots fired here, I called the police and would have done so this time too except for their arrogant and nasty attitudes when I told them about what I had heard those two other times. I figure, I'll let someone else report things like this from now on and let them take the crap from the local police officers with their holier than thous attitudes. 
Man, things certainly have changed a lot since I retired almost 10 years ago and even monumentally more so from when I first got on the job back in 1979. The changes are not only in the attitude of the public toward the police but in the attitude you get from the police if you try to do the right thing by them. Then again, most police, from what I have witnessed, have always fostered the 'Us Against Them' attitude with the us being the police and the them being everyone else - even others in law enforcement who are not police officers, such as federal agents. 
Oh what a world!

All the best,
Glenn B


Old NFO said...

Yep, low profile is the way to go... sigh

Veritas said...

Anyone who confuses Federal agents with local police probably thinks dolphins and sharks are the same species too.

Glenn B said...

And who would be confusing them?

Windy Wilson said...

Who would be confusing them? The Leftist idiots who think that defunding the local police will not increase funding to the national-level law enforcement agents, whatever they are called.