Monday, May 31, 2021

Pay Them Homage...

 ...those of our military services who lost their lives in defense of our country. This is their day but remember them always, on every day of the year, as defenders of each and every one of us, of our way of life, our Constitution and of the great nation in which we live. We owe them everything because they gave everything for us.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Windy Wilson said...

My Dad, who missed the South Pacific due to a case of Appendicitis and then Pneumonia, was always aware that he had been lucky to get through that war with only two crummy knees. Once in the mid sixties, when I was ten years old and all excited by my GI Joes, asked me while I was showing them to him, "Do you think there's any glory in it?" Being ten years old I did not understand even 1%, and being a polite guy thanks to my dad, I said nothing.

Now I can't think of war without tearing up. All those men who wanted to come home. All those men with family, friends. and loved ones at home who wanted them to come home as well.

My dad's relative, whoever she was, who thought that my dad didn't serve sufficiently because he never saw the South Pacific, as her father, son, brother, uncle, or whoever he was, did. My dad wrote the check for up to including his life. It was, like so many other events in that war, the merest chance that his check for his life wasn't cashed.

I still read history of that war, because I want to understand, not only how every uncle I have, spent time wearing the uniform of our nation, but the cousins from my mother's side, who wore the uniform for the people who made that war necessary.