Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Imagine The Outcome Had Putin Stood Up...

 ...pulled out a 9mm Makarov pistol and shot Biden in his head killing him instantly during their meeting today. Really think about what would have been the outcome. Would it result in WWIII? I think that a distinct possibility. If you agree on that, how then do you think that would go? 
Well, to answer that, you'd have to imagine Kamala Harris becoming the Commander In Chief of the armed forces of the United States of America and also imagine Nancy Pelosi as becoming our vice president! Think about those two being in charge of our nation during time of war caused by such a defiant and terrible act of forceful aggression by the Russians (who would likely be allied with the Red Chinese). Would we stand a chance of winning such a war? Would we surrender almost immediately after only a few skirmishes? Or would we profusely apologize for everything we have ever done with regard to our foreign policy with Russia and then offer the Russians reparations before even giving our enemies the chance to offer terms of surrender?
Sure, my scenario of Putin offing Biden sounds far fetched but I am willing to bet should it have happened or an assassination of Biden ever happen, we would be in for an awful lot of trouble with the current crop of nitwits moving up in the chain of command. Heck, we are already in trouble with those screwballs in charge now!

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

i would agree but i know that there are other actors that are really in charge of the military now, at least the navy, marines and the pacific theatre army. they have consistently done the opposite of biden's policy in the pacific area particularly with respect to china. general kelly's brother just got appointed to a position of authority there as well. its almost like they said okay, play your silly games and all but when it comes to defense stfu and stay out of our way.

Glenn B said...

So, it seems you are saying, in effect for all practical purposes, that the U.S. Military has pulled of a coup and the proper authority - the president of the United States - is not in charge of the United States Military forces. Very interesting.

While some high ranking officers may not be loyal to the office of the president - my guess would be many others are quite loyal and that such would cause a split in our military that would cause even more weakness, than Kamala Harris succeeding Biden, in time of war due to the due to the hypothetical assassination of Biden. In fact, those not following the president's lawful orders, during time of war, could be taken out and shot or hung as traitors. Of course, as far as I am concerned, I might well find it the better thing to do in my opinion, that is to betray the office of the president should it ever come down to us being at war with a dunce like either Biden or Harris in charge.

riverrider said...

our oath states "all enemies, foreign and domestic", so who is the traitor and who is the patriot? there are those political hack generals that fawn over the current regime but they are no more legitimate than the resident in the white house. there are layers in between that still love this country and are willing to follow their oath. two colonels that i know balked at the d.c. shitshow. one refused orders, orders that were coming from pelosi instead of biden. in return, ammo was withdrawn from his unit leaving them defenseless in the hood. he simply went home and brought back 50k rounds to arm his troops. another drew down on dc police to stop them from arresting a trooper that was found to be undesirable by pelosi's pet agents. it is unlawful to arrest or detain a member of the militia during an emergency, especially for badthink bs. there are patriots still.