Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Man it must have been loud, the big bang that is. I would think that if done in a liberal stronghold of a state, like NY, the authorities would have said the shock waves might have injured the fetus or at least burst some onlookers' ear drums and would have arrested the guy for more serious charges. Being it was in New Hampshire though, he got off easy, as should be the case in the event charges absolutely had to be filed and I will admit - I guess he did disturb the peace. 
Do you not know to what I am referring; if not then see more at the source about the guy blowing up 80 pounds of Tannerite for a gender reveal party! Yes that was eighty pounds! Oh yeah - congratulations mama & papa - it's going to be a boy.

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Glenn B

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Irish said...

Under a mile from my house. It rocked the barn when I was standing in it. People were reporting it all across the area.
It was powerful.